Vision, Mission and Goals


A Center of Excellence in the fields of Biotechnology and Biodiversity in Brunei Darussalam-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines East ASEAN Growth Area (BIMP-EAGA)


    To provide excellent biology-related programs in higher education, research, and public service


        a) to develop programs and projects as center for Philippine Genomics in Mindanao (Genomic Center in Mindanao);

        b) to maintain the status of being a Center of Development in Biology while working on a graduate program which is a criterion for becoming a Center of Excellence;

        c) to continue as one of the lead institutions in the region in providing new knowledge/discoveries in Biology;

        d) continue to conduct collaborative research with private and state universities/institutions in the region;

        e) to foster national consciousness by extending expertise to communities/stakeholders in Mindanao;

        f) to promote and develop sustainable innovative solutions to unique challenges in environment, health, agriculture, and biodiversity in Mindanao;

        g) to establish an online biodiversity of flora and fauna of Mindanao;

        h) to offer high quality graduate and undergraduate programs in Biology; and

        i) to produce quality graduates in Biology.